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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Adults and teens classes

We offer curriculums that include beginner jiu-jitsu techniques, simple Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes for core values, movement exercises, and coordination development exercises. These programs are developing self-defense skills and core values that instill respect, responsibility, and self-awareness.


Our Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes include enhance overall understanding of BJJ:

  1. Build respect for trainers and colleagues Study self-discipline and develop courage.
  2. Improve agility and coordination.
  3. Novice and basic techniques.
  4. Summary of the entire jiu-jitsu situation and positions.
  5. Interactive games and coordination movements.
  6. Study of fundamental ideas and concepts.

Benefits for Adults

Class of Basics: Building Jiu-Jitsu techniques and understanding

The fundamentals or basics curriculum centers on jiu-jitsu essentials that all learners and other interested parties are supposed to know. The knowledge gained from this program equips students with general jiu-jitsu practices, introduces learners to advanced jiu-jitsu techniques, and enhances their coordination and movement. Interactive sessions allow learners to ask questions and get feedback regarding how they can improve effectively learn and build jiu-jitsu techniques.

Benefits for Teens ages 7 – 14

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teens classes introduces learners to comprehensive basic BJJ positions. These are guard, stand-up, side control, back control, and mount control. We give a great focus on how to combine different jiu-jitsu concepts to progress successfully to advanced levels such as highly dynamic guard passes and specialized guards.

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Guardian’s expectations to their Teens

Guardians can expect their kids to:

Program emphasis

Besides the jiu-jitsu basic positions taught in the kids’ program, learners get an opportunity to study back control side control, as well as reversals and dodges. Also, learners are introduced to simple surrender techniques such as arm locking.

Learners in this category build fine and gross motor tactics, left and right symmetry, self-defense techniques, jiu-jitsu fundamentals, and flexibility.

Also, members progress further in social development, study fundamentals of physical fitness, and enjoy engaging in jiu-jitsu games.

With more experience gained, learners are taught advanced skills in self-defense, submissions, and anti-harassment. It also comprises ideal verbal self-defense and conflict control. Submissions comprise Kimuras, triangle submissions, and chokes. Learners will continue advancing their skills further by continuing to learn body awareness, polished motor skills, breath management, and weight distribution.