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Instilling respect, self-control, and responsibility.

Jiu-jitsu for kids is offered in two categories; little ages ranging from 3-14 years. The littles s3-7 ection introduces the most basic and gentle aspects of jiu-jitsu. In this program, learners get to know simple jiu-jitsu arts such as mount, guard, and hip escape.

The institution’s kids program teaches kids respect, self-control, self-awareness, responsibility, and strength, the core values driving the academy to achieve its goals. Skills are transmitted to children through gaming tools focused on ensuring that they become flexible and agile in a more engaging, exciting, and friendly way.


Develop effective listening skills.; Demonstrate respect for peers and trainers.; Build gross motor techniques and balance by studying jiu-jitsu positions and tactics.Learners are urged to develop friendships, enjoy training through jiu-jitsu gaming programs, and develop their affection for jiu-jitsu sport

Jiu-Jitsu benefits for Littles Ages 3-7

The organization’s littles program introduces kids to the most basic techniques of jiu-jitsu. Kids study various jiu-jitsu gentle arts such as mount, guard, and hip escape.

Anti-Bullying Program

Guardians can expect their kids to: